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The Spirit-Filled Life – Part 1

Welcome back to our journey in discovering the way to having a Spirit-filled life!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Please understand that before you can be filled with the Spirit continually, you need to be first baptized in the Spirit.

If you have not been baptized in the Spirit or received the baptism of the Spirit then you need to read Luke 11:13 and see that this is the Promise of the Father as set forth in Acts 1:4, 2:33.

Obedience, prayer, and faith are necessary to receive the Promise of the Spirit. Acts 5:32

The way to receiving His Spirit or the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is clearly put forth in the Bible:

1. Believe His Promise to give you His Holy Spirit. James 1:6a

2. Ask Him in faith for the Gift. Luke 11:13

3. Obey God’s commandments (including “setting things right” in one’s life with the help of God). Acts 5:32

Follow the above scriptural steps and you WILL receive!

That is because God is Faithful to fulfill His Promise to anyone who meets His conditions!

Now this sincere soul searching and true repentance also involves forgiving, setting right, and reconciling (where possible) with anyone we may have offended In the past.

Perhaps you need to call, email, or write a letter to someone asking for their forgiveness. Or you may need to make restitution of something to another person. As you pray and ask God to help you to, “set things right” in your life, He will surely help you to remember and repent.

This may require some time for some people and many have fasted and prayed during this, “preparatory” period to get their hearts right in order to receive the Gift of His Spirit.

It is recommended that one read through the Book of Acts, particularly chapter 2; 8:17; 9:17; 10:45, 46; 19:6.

One will see plainly that the initial evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues which the Spirit of God will inspire, i.e. “give utterance.”

If you have never sincerely prayed something like the following prayer, then please do so now and mean it with all your heart:

“Lord, I see from Your Word that You desire for me to be baptized in the Spirit. I surrender all my desires, my spirit, soul, and body to the control of Your Holy Spirit. Help me to set things right in my heart so I may receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Please give me the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Dear friend, once this all-important initial filling of the Holy Spirit – this Baptism of the Holy Spirit – is experienced by you, then we can go onto learning how to be filled with the Spirit again and again -continually!

The Lord bless you until next time!



Spirit-Filled Living

Have you ever considered that there is absolutely no danger of error nor incompetence in walking in the Spirit?

To the contrary, there is rather, the absolute confidence that God is well-pleased with me and my actions; that He will accomplish His Purposes and Will in and through my life, in any given situation for His Glory.

This is The Only Way to Live!

So, this leads one to the inevitable, all-important questions:

How do I get filled with His Spirit?

How do I maintain such a Lifestyle?

Ephesians 5:19-21 is a good place to start.

I do hope that you are longing for the Spirit-filled Life, dear reader!

Please be in prayer to the Lord for this and stay tuned for Biblical insights on how…


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